UZIK agency orchestrated a product photoshoot and curated floral notes to accompany the global launch of Prada Paradoxe campaign featuring brand ambassador Emma Watson. The fragrance itself is a captivating blend of contrasting iconic ingredients, unveiling new olfactory sensations.

With the inclusion of the first extract of neroli buds, Prada reimagines freshness, capturing the essence of the flower in all its crispness. Sensuality is reinvented through the use of Ambrofix™, an intensely warm bio-converted amber. And to enhance the intensity, the revolutionary musk molecule Serenolide™ creates a profound yet subtly pleasant foundation, immediately perceptible.

The iconic triangle shape was utilized to enhance equilibrium and contrast, creating a visual representation that embodies the essence of Prada Paradoxe.

Each image captured the intriguing contrast of the fragrance's notes, showcasing the delicate balance between freshness, sensuality, and intensity.

In a 15-second heroic display, the Prada Paradoxe bottle takes center stage. Its triangular silhouette filled with pale pink essence reflects not just beauty but the complex architecture of a fragrance that enchants. Every facet is a revelation, every angle a secret – a dance of geometry, complexity, and allure.


The mineral arrangements served as a visual representation of the bouquet of ingredients that come together harmoniously in the fragrance, creating an evocative and captivating visual narrative.

Behold the core of Paradoxe, where neroli flowers, amber crystals, and musk come together in an intriguing triangular arrangement around the bottle. A visual composition that invites you into the sensorial voyage at the heart of Prada's newest fragrance. A journey where freshness, warmth, and profound subtlety unite.

From the geometric harmony into the complex essence of each ingredient. Every frame of this motion asset is a sensory exploration, revealing the captivating interplay that makes Prada Paradoxe not just a fragrance but an experience.


In an era where conscious consumption takes precedence, Prada Paradoxe exemplifies elegance intertwined with sustainability. This third film encapsulates this commitment, offering viewers a glimpse of refilling their beloved fragrance. With this initiative, Prada doesn't just refill a bottle; it replenishes an experience.

Beginnings of Renewal. Watch as the refill bottle gracefully descends towards its counterpart – the original Prada Paradoxe bottle. A movement symbolizing a rebirth, with the promise of the iconic scent returning to its vessel.

The final touch – a close-up of the Prada Paradoxe bottle, now rejuvenated with its signature pale pink essence. Every drop captured in detail, it stands as a testament to Prada's dedication to both luxury and sustainability.


  • Lou Carrière

    Project manager — Traffic coordinator

  • Martial Civade

    Account director

  • Charlie Demon

    Production coordinator

  • Ambre Maille

    Project manager

  • Jean–Baptiste Sinniger

    Creative director

  • Lisa Stein

    Art director