Located in the beating heart of the 10th arrondissement of Paris, our studio is built on a foundation of friendship and respect. We believe that nurturing long-term relationships with our partners is the key to delivering exceptional work. An inspiring environment, combined with our passion for excellence, shapes a culture where creativity flourishes.

  • 1

    Our street is filled with coffee shops and restaurants, perfect for quick caffeine boosts and culinary adventures.

  • 2

    Meet Fred, our amazing office manager. Twice a week he brings fresh fruits to keep the creativity flowing.

  • 3

    The shooting studio doubles as a playground where the creative team can also develop personal projects.

  • 4

    Join the UZIK Running Club for an energizing weekly jog, building team spirit one stride at the time.

  • 5

    Our training program empowers growth, offering tailored opportunities to master new skills.

  • 6

    Mondays kick off with a team coffee around Camille, our general manager, who shares updates and fuels the week with fresh ideas.

  • 7

    Dive into our curated library, a treasure designed to spark creativity and enhance knowledge.

  • 8

    The expansive office features collaborative hubs and serene corners, catering to every work style.

  • 9

    Enjoy a flexible remote work policy, allowing everyone to maintain a well-balanced work-life dynamic.

  • 10

    Each month, team members host a masterclass, sharing their passion and expertise on topics they love.


Inclusivity, diversity, equality and well-being are fundamental to our human resources and corporate social responsibility practices. We believe that an inclusive and diverse workplace strengthens our team and fuels innovation. We are dedicated to creating an environment where everyone feels valued, respected and empowered to be their authentic selves. By prioritizing the well-being of our employees, we aim to foster a supportive and nurturing atmosphere that promotes personal growth and professional success.

These values are integral to our culture and underscore our commitment to having a positive impact on our team. Although we have encountered challenges and setbacks, these experiences have been instrumental in guiding our continuous improvement.

  • Initiatives

    Each year, we dedicate the time and expertise of our creative teams to support associations. In 2022, we had the privilege of collaborating with AFSA, the French Association for Angelman Syndrome, to produce a short institutional video.

  • Diversity

    We believe in fostering an equitable work environment where diversity is celebrated and everyone is empowered to succeed. Diversity is not just about representation, it's about embracing different perspectives and using the power of collective intelligence.

  • Equity

    We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities in employment, regardless of origin, gender, customs, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, family status, pregnancy status, race, political opinions, union activities, religious beliefs, physical appearance, family name, place of residence, health status or disability.

  • Inclusion

    We guarantee fairness and promote equal opportunities for all applicants. We reinforce this commitment by using gender-neutral language in our official communications. Inclusion means creating a space where every voice is heard, and we believe that inclusive language is a crucial part of achieving this.

Bruit de Fond

Bruit de Fond is our in-house initiative dedicated to fostering new talents. Conceived as a photographic residency, it offers a fresh perspective on our music festival, Calvi On The Rocks. Over two decades, the festival has evolved into a sanctuary for introspection and artistic renewal. Bruit de Fond delves into its essence, presenting a new outlook by turning music into background noise — un Bruit de Fond — that blurs the lines between the visible and invisible.

Each summer, a different artist is invited to contribute a new layer, expanding the perception of Calvi and exploring fundamental questions about photography in an increasingly visually saturated world.

For the inaugural edition of Bruit de Fond, Christopher Barraja collaborates with UZIK on a new series of images captured within a limited timeframe during his summer exploration of the Calvi bay.

The series questions subjectivity in photography. Through traditional genres like portraiture, still life and landscape, Christopher Barraja pushes the boundaries of perception, merging intimacy with social observation.

On September 7th, 2023, at Galerie MR80 in Paris, UZIK presented the first edition of Bruit de Fond, showcasing the exclusive work of photographer Christopher Barraja to clients and friends.

The photo book, as the final step of this collaboration, brings together all the images, becoming Christopher Barraja’s soundtrack. Snapshots are assembled and isolated. Boundaries of each image are alternately preserved and transgressed, revealing the musicality of his work.

A digital version of the book offers an immersive experience and serves as a perpetual archive of the project.