Maison Margiela Fragrances
Qixi 2023

Qixi, the Chinese Valentine's Day, is more than just a festival; it's a symphony of emotions, a tale of love separated and reunited. Maison Margiela Fragrances, in its quest to capture the essence of this poignant narrative, collaborated with UZIK for a brand content project that would resonate with the heartbeats of countless lovers. Drawing inspiration from the festival's rich tapestry of traditions, UZIK crafted a series of static and motion assets.

A recurring motif, a red wire, weaves its way through each piece, symbolizing the unbreakable bond of love. Intertwined hands of lovers, Maison Margiela Fragrance bottles, and evocative perfume ingredients further enrich the narrative, creating a visual and olfactory journey that pays homage to the spirit of Qixi.

In a symbolic display of love and connection, two flacons of fragrances stand side by side, united by a vibrant red bond. The intertwining ribbon represents the unbreakable attachment and affection shared between couples.

Hands delicately grasp the red bond connecting two flacons of fragrances, amplifying the expression of love. The gentle touch and fingers create a powerful visual representation of togetherness and unity.

In this video, hands skillfully intertwine a delicate red cord, creating intricate and artful compositions with a collection of Martin Margiela Fragrances products. Each movement and placement exudes a sense of care and devotion, beautifully symbolizing the unbreakable bond of love.

The diverse collection of products signifies the bond shared not only by couples but also among family members, symbolizing the celebration of togetherness on this special day.

The image captures the essence of gifting and the anticipation of sharing a beautiful and meaningful moment with a cherished person.

Among the products, polaroid photographs emerged, evoking the brand's narrative of capturing precious moments in time.

The enchanting presence of delicate iris flowers give a vibrant hues in the pictures and visual reminiscence of the aromatic notes in the fragrances.

Various sky backgrounds were employed to evoke diverse atmospheres, enveloping this cherished moment of love in distinct settings.

The red rope gracefully weaves through the composition, evoking a visual and playful element reminiscent of the symbolic interplay of love.


  • Manon Barbier

    Project manager

  • Martial Civade

    Account director

  • David de Quevedo

    Set designer

  • Emma Gallois

    Art director

  • Vasilisa Ganakova

    Art director

  • Anaîck Lejart


  • Jean–Baptiste Sinniger

    Creative director

  • Lisa Stein

    Art director