Arena Opening

Project type

Brand Content



Lacoste unveiled its flagship store, Lacoste Arena, on Paris' Champ Elysées in May 2022. Spanning 1600 sqm, this immersive retail space offers a captivating customer experience, showcasing the brand's values and rich history.

UZIK brought innovation to life with a striking plug&play video installation visible from the street. This dynamic installation adapts to the brand's seasonal highlights, utilizing kinetic animation, 3D sequences, and Lacoste archives to create an ever-evolving visual spectacle.

A dynamic montage of captured visuals from Lacoste's flagship store on Champs Elysées, accompanied by a raw and edgy sound, showcases the brand's products with fast-paced editing and 3D animations. The interplay of typography and mirror elements enhances the captivating visual aesthetic, creating a fashion report-style editing that elevates the overall look with flair, sportswear codes and sophistication.

The video cleverly incorporates numerous popular and underground elements, playing with diverse codes to create an engaging and edgy visual experience.

Visual games revolving around tennis serve as a reminder of René Lacoste's multifaceted achievements as a French tennis champion, industrialist, engineer, and designer, who founded the Lacoste brand.

Uppercase letters for impactful messages.


As the video needed to be adapted regarding seasonality and Lacoste’s yearly retail planning, UZIK worked on a clever plug&play system coming along with several motion designs and hero content capsules to be inserted in placeholders. This made the flagship video content highly flexible and easy-to-work on.

A mix of brand-owned hero content and slick kinetic typography animations.

Meticulous attention was given to creating 3D imagery and modern mood boards in collaboration with our studio, incorporating visual elements such as tennis balls and the iconic Lacoste crocodile.

The plug&play system also allowed the flagship video to communicate about Lacoste’s values.

Sport breaks down cultural barriers for everyone, everywhere, everytime.

A focus on Lacoste’s clothing to be sold within the flagship store.

Whole new motion design boards, including stickers for example, were also created to be implemented into the plug&play system.


  • Jordan Gnago


  • Mathieu Missiaen

    CGI artist

  • Mélanie Méric

    Account director

  • Raphaël Perrollier

    Art director

  • Delphine Rémy

    Strategic planner

  • Manon Seimandi

    Art director

  • Jean–Baptiste Sinniger

    Creative director

  • Isabelle Tardieu

    Agency partner