Armani Beauty
Summer Radiance

Dive into the essence of Summer with a vibrant blend of captivating content for Armani Beauty.

Collaborating with Maddie Kulicka, Jeanne Zheng and Penda M'Baye, we've crafted a series that embodies the spirit of the season. Each influencer brings to life Armani Beauty’s summer makeup essentials, showcasing the beauty of the Luminous Silk range and more. The campaign not only highlights the unique beauty of each influencer but also the versatility and radiance of Armani Beauty's summer collection.


Maddie Kulicka, bold and effortlessly chic, captures the essence of summer with a look that's both vibrant and natural.

Summer’s bold statement with Maddie Kulicka. Achieve the perfect balance of matte and bold, featuring our Luminous Silk foundation and vibrant Lip Power Matte. Make this summer unforgettable.

Bold and naturally beautiful. Maddie Kulicka showcases a daring summer look with our Lip Power Matte and a soft matte eye. Dive into summer with a bold berry lip and nude eyes.


Jeanne Zheng, a vision of elegance and grace, brings a refreshing take on summer beauty, embodying the season's warmth.

Embrace the summer glow with Jeanne Zheng. Experience the peachy radiance of summer with our iconic Luminous Silk foundation and Glow Blush. A look that’s as refreshing as the summer breeze.

A monochromatic summer dream. Join Jeanne Zheng in embracing the warmth of the season with our Luminous Silk collection. A peachy, sun-kissed look that's perfect for every summer story.


Penda M'Baye, with her captivating style, dives into summer with electrifying looks that are as endless as the ocean.

Dive into the holographic summer with Penda M'Baye. Featuring vibrant shades of our Eye Tint and the luminous Fluid Sheer for a look that mirrors the summer sky. Bring the ocean’s charm to your makeup.

Endless summer with Penda M'Baye. Explore the depths of blue with our Eye Tint, creating a look that’s as captivating as the ocean. Summer is an endless adventure with Armani Beauty.


  • Manon Barbier

    Project manager

  • Martial Civade

    Account director

  • Lise Dupont

    Set Designer

  • Guillaume Jolly


  • Yvan Palma

    Account director

  • Priscillia Saada


  • Jean–Baptiste Sinniger

    Creative director

  • Lisa Stein

    Art director