Project type

Digital, Strategy



At Leboncoin, a dedicated team of creative engineers and data scientists are willing to build the French virtual Flea Market for everyone, combining technical expertise and innovative data science to enhance the user experience.

We have revamped the website for Leboncoin's technical team, creating a dynamic online platform that serves as a hub for technology enthusiasts. The redesigned website features a magazine-style blog, integrating the latest technical news, job opportunities, and in-depth articles on various tech subjects. The revamp adheres to Leboncoin's updated brand guidelines, providing an enhanced user experience while catering to the evolving needs of their audience.

In this video, we provide you with an initial comprehensive tour of the site and project, giving you a glimpse into the overall scope and vision.

In the mobile version of the homepage we feature some tech numbers. Get an immersive experience and explore the latest tech highlights at your fingertips.

Watch as we explore the menu's dynamic transitions, revealing its adaptability and functionality in different contexts.

Here we present the search menu in action. Witness the seamless process as we demonstrate the opening of the menu, entering a keyword, and instantly displaying the relevant search results.

A responsive design developed to fit all the devices, allowing a seamless navigation into editorial pages of the website.

Experience the smooth scrolling and dynamic filters system as you delve deeper into the articles section.

Here's a screenshot of the video page, capturing the visual essence and layout for this interviews section.

Here's another screenshot of the projects page.

As you browse into the tech articles, a clever window system allows the users to fully dive into the illustrative content.

Switch between light and dark mode, whether you browse on a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Miscellaneous pages, such a privacy policy and 404 error were also thought to be responsive.


  • Nicolas Bussière

    Senior UX/UI designer

  • Martial Civade

    Account director

  • Antoine Martin

    Senior front and back–end developer

  • Jean–Baptiste Sinniger

    Creative director