First steps in advertising


Originally dedicated to digital and event management, UZIK is now looking to expand into advertising as well.

UZIK management sees advertising as another creative medium that allows its teams to unleash its creativity and innovative thinking. It provides them with the opportunity to develop on a wider scale unique and captivating campaigns deeper rooted in the brand DNA.

With its unique sense of visual craft and concept ideation UZIK pushes boundaries, explores new ideas, and creates memorable works which is a constant thrive for the company.

With new talents on board and through their creative storytelling and visual communication, UZIK can craft compelling narratives that resonate from the original idea to the final campaign.


Sorry Bra key visual — photograph by Sophie Ebrard

In 2022, Adidas launched a new range of sports bras for all types of breasts with the “Support is everything” global campaign, showing 43 naked breasts of all kinds. Finding a local expression of this idea has been the opportunity to connect with a young audience concerned by gender inequalities in the sports gear field.

Sorry Bra pleads guilty for not having considered this problem earlier in an open letter to all women, spread across all platforms.


Few months later, UZIK won Mutti's competition regarding its new communication platform in France. This fresh and disruptive campaign marks a departure from Mutti's previous advertising efforts. Instead of focusing on pragmatic demonstrations of product quality or production methods, and without the use of voiceovers, the campaign aims to elevate Mutti to iconic brand status. With a touch of humor, Mutti's goal is to boost its brand recognition, foster brand preference, and appeal to a younger audience.

Exploration work for Mutti advertising campaign

UZIK's foray into advertising is more than a business move; it's an invitation to reimagine the very fabric of brand storytelling. Through each campaign, we not only raise the creative bar but also usher in a new era of brand connection. Stay tuned for more.