Bruit de Fond — Private opening


On September 7th at Galerie MR80 in Paris, UZIK presented the first edition of BRUIT DE FOND, a new yearly photographic residency including exclusive work from photographer Christopher Barraja.

BRUIT DE FOND was imagined to shed a new light on our music festival Calvi On The Rocks. For twenty years now, Calvi has become more than a town that hosts a giant beach party: it is a place for retreat, discovery and healing for creative people. A cultural pillar inside of our company that extends year after year. It was about time to explore its spirit with more depth and offer a new point of view on the festival. Tuning down music into nothing more than a background noise, un BRUIT DE FOND that has the power to slightly blur the boundaries between visible and invisible.

Every summer, a different artist will be tasked to expand the vision of Calvi, asking fundamental questions related to photography in an increasingly visually saturated world.

Defining which photographer would be the first to take on this creative challenge, was something we defined with great care. Chosen collectively by the creative team of the agency, Christopher’s universe intrigued and appealed to everyone.

Offering a fresh glance on something that we were so familiar with by making us perceive new forms of beauties in the mundane. This was a way to feed the agency's artistic craving and an opportunity to put Christopher’s work in the spotlight. An artist that should be on everyone’s radar.

BRUIT DE FOND as a photographic residency, allowed us to create a collective highlight around the in-house passion that is photography, while of course being one of our core expertise all year long. It was also a great reason to gather all of the people that make UZIK. Reuniting coworkers, talented creatives, loyal clients and friends, we were all glad to celebrate and confront our point of views. Hopefully making this event a recurrent rendez-vous in the next few years.

As an extension to the exhibition, we are now working on the edition of a dedicated Art book. Through the compilation of the exhibition’s images as well as a selection of Christopher’s work, our wish is to create tangible memorabilia of this new page in the writing for UZIK. The release date is to come, stay tuned!