2024 shaded with green


2024 shaded with green! We are thrilled to start the year in color with the unveiling of our first-ever photo book, featuring an entire new series of images by Christopher Barraja.

Introducing BRUIT DE FOND, our new annual photographic residency imagined to shed a different light on our music festival, Calvi On The Rocks. Over the past two decades, Calvi has become more than a town a hosting a solar beach party: it is a sanctuary for retreat, discovery and healing for creative souls. A cultural cornerstone inside of our company that extends year after year. It was about time to delve deeper into its essence, presenting a new outlook on the festival, by tuning down music into nothing more than a background noise, un BRUIT DE FOND, that has the power to gently blur the boundaries between visible and invisible. Each summer, a different artist will be tasked to add a new layer and broaden the perception of Calvi, asking fundamental questions related to photography in an increasingly visually saturated world.

Back to summer 2023. Christopher Barraja collaborates with UZIK for the inaugural edition of BRUIT DE FOND. The result is a new series of images captured within a limited timeframe during a sunny exploration of the Calvi bay, and questioning the possibility of subjectivity in photography. Through traditional genres like portraiture, still life and landscape, Barraja pushes the boundaries of perception, merging intimacy with social observations.

As a final step of this collaboration and in order to start 2024 with a melodic echo of summer in the heart of winter, the photo book brings together all the images to become Christopher Barraja’s soundtrack. Snapshots are assembled and isolated. Boundaries of each image are alternately preserved and transgressed, letting the musicality of the photographer's work emerge.

The solar quality of Christopher Barraja's photographs finds its resonance in a glossy paper impression, while an azure blue, deeply infused, used for informational pages, seamlessly blends with the hues of the sky and water. The cover canvas, adorned in a vivid green, introduces a surprising dissonance that harmonizes seamlessly with the inner pages, framing the photographer's work and highlighting his distinctive attraction to vibrant colors.

Without any accompanying text, the front cover provides a silent glimpse into the nape of a man's neck. This absence of words creates an aesthetic space evoking a background noise, unfolding a visual narrative without the need for language.

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