Viva technologyBtoB brand experiences for Google, Ubisoft, Alibaba and Unibail

Viva technology

Design - Event - Scenography

Innovative spaces for innovative brands


Every year, Viva Technology gathers startups and digital leaders to celebrate innovation and new technologies during three days in Paris. On this occasion, dedicated spaces are created for clients involved in the exhibition such as Google, Ubisoft and Alibaba.


Conceiving and constructing immersive experiences within the booths to highlight the brand’s innovations to come, and thus attract and interact with the B2B or B2C audience.


In 2018, Viva Technology gathered 9 000 start ups & large corporations. The 400 sqm Google booth welcomed 30 technology experts, offered 28 conferences gathering 4000 participants and exposed 10 new technologies, reaching most of Viva Technology 100 000 visitors.

When Google gives the floor to its fans

2016 - 2017 - 2018 EDITIONS
For the past 3 editions, UZIK advised and supported Google in conceiving, creating and coordinating on-site operations on their 400 sqm booth through numerous showcases, conferences and interactions with public.

The first B2B exhibition for Ubisoft

Conception and coordination on-site of internal and external events. The 2018 Vivatech edition was the first opportunity for Ubisoft to participate on a B2B exhibition. More than 10 000 visitors came to the booth per day.

Testing Alibaba’s cloud technologies IRL

Alibaba's experiential booth became the spotlight for showcasing products and technologies developed by Alibaba Cloud.

Show the world the futur of retail

2017 - 2018 EDITIONS
UZIK supported URW's ambition to lead the industry of flagship shopping with an experiential 100 + sqm booth. 7K+ visitors per day discovered how the brand aim to develop its vision supported with a constant innovation.