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La Grande Loge

Brand Strategy - Influence - Scenography

The official Calvi on the Rocks media


For over 15 years, the Calvi on the Rocks festival has been a major summer event gathering artists and influencers alike around a common passion: music.


“La Grande Loge” is both a physical space on Calvi’s docks, bringing together professionals and influencers at nightfall around a meticulous scenography, and an audiovisual show hosted by Hugo Clément, Agathe Auproux and Marion Séclin, filmed in high quality and broadcasted live on social media.


La Grande Loge became the meeting point of influencers and artists during the festival. An authentic VIP section for iconic personalities.

A scenographic and event production

Located on the Docks, behind the GARAGE stage of the festival, La Grande Loge is a limited access area designed by the visual artist Etienne Bardelli to welcome a hundred pros and influencers.

An audiovisual and social media production

Hosted by three influential TV and Internet personalities, and broadcasted live every night on Facebook, La Grande Loge is, above all, an audiovisual show with a high amplification potential where professionals and influencers meet for live interviews and photo shoots.

The production of this show requires technical means: from the cameras, to the sound, to the set-up, to looking after guests, to the montage and to the broadcasting.